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Apolytikion of the Church of the Resurrection

Thou hast revealed the earthly majesty of the dwelling place of the holy glory, O Lord, as the brilliance of the firmament on high. Make firm its foundation unto ages of ages, and receive our fervent supplications which are offered to thee, there in, through the intercessions of the Theotokos, O life and Resurrection of all.

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The Orthodox Faith

Written by the V. Rev. Thomas Hopko

Fr. Hopko, a priest of the Orthodox Church in America (OCA)was a long-time professor and dean at St. Vladimir's Orthodox Theological Seminary. He is well-known for his ability to accurately express complex truths of theology and spirituality in everyday language. This series is designed to give instruction in the basics of the Orthodox Christian faith to inquirers and catechumens. It has been widely used in many Orthodox jurisdictions since first published in 1971.

To order a hardcopy of any of the books in this series, click on the volume number below:

Each volume in this series is available to read online. Click the individual volume below to access the text.

Volume I - Doctrine

Volume 1 contains three sections: the sources of Christian Doctrine, the main doctrines of the Orthodox Church present by way of commentary on the Nicene Creed, and an explanation of the doctrine of the Holy Trinity.

Volume II - Worship

Volume Two, Worship contains five major sections: the church building, vestments, and symbols; the holy mysteries (sacraments); the daily cycle of worship; the church year with its fasts and feasts; and the Divine Liturgy. Many line drawings.

Volume III - Bible and Church History

Volume 3 contains one section on the contents and interpretation of the Bible, and one section on the history of the Church, emphasizing the main theological, liturgical and spiritual development of each century.

Volume IV - Spirituality

Volume 4 deals with the main themes of Christian Life: prayer, fasting, repentance, the virtues, witness in the world, and communion with God.