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Apolytikion of the Church of the Resurrection

Thou hast revealed the earthly majesty of the dwelling place of the holy glory, O Lord, as the brilliance of the firmament on high. Make firm its foundation unto ages of ages, and receive our fervent supplications which are offered to thee, there in, through the intercessions of the Theotokos, O life and Resurrection of all.

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Introduction to the Orthodox Faith

Welcome to the Education Outreach program of Holy Resurrection Orthodox Church. Our parish has been fortunate to be granted permission by The Institute for Orthodox Christian Studies to use their series of videos,‘The Way’, in this ministry.

Click Here for More Information about ‘The Way’ Program.

The Way is designed to be presented in small to medium sized gatherings, including a meal, small group discussion, and a question and answer session. However, individuals from cradle Orthodox to those just beginning their path to Christianity can benefit from viewing these twelve lectures, either independently or working with a facilitator.

Individuals can access to all videos and materials used in ‘The Way’.

Holy Resurrection Church has designed a program for facilitated study in the Orthodox Faith using these same resources. Individuals viewing the videos have the opportunity to post comments, ask questions, and have asynchronous discussions with an experienced advisor.

Each of these options is offered freely to any individual. Please consider making a donation to support this ministry and The Institute for Orthodox Christian Studies. One or two dollars per video can make a difference!