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Apolytikion of the Church of the Resurrection

Thou hast revealed the earthly majesty of the dwelling place of the holy glory, O Lord, as the brilliance of the firmament on high. Make firm its foundation unto ages of ages, and receive our fervent supplications which are offered to thee, there in, through the intercessions of the Theotokos, O life and Resurrection of all.

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Real Break

Spring Break is a much-needed break from rigorous college classrooms, hours of required reading, and ordinary daily activities. This week long break has become known as a time to travel to exotic places and "live it up." OCF's Real Break gives you an opportunity to really live it up and be a light to the world! For over a decade, OCF has organized trips all over the world, sending college-aged young adults to serve the needs of others.

Your Real Break experience will challenge you in many ways, physically, emotionally and spiritually. You will walk away with a life-transforming experience that will not only re-charge your batteries for school, but it will feed your soul and allow you to better understand your own vocation or calling in life.

One of the most important items that you will need to bring with you is a positive attitude. It will make or "break" your experience. It can be the biggest difference between a nice trip that helped a few people, and the trip of a lifetime that not only changed and improved the lives of others, but changed your life as well. It may be difficult to see now, but this experience really does have the potential to change your life. Let it do so! Open your heart to God and be open to all that He will show, teach and reveal to you.

Some other items you'll need to pack for this trip . . . patience! Some say it is a virtue, however, to succeed in serving God, it is a must. It is a fact that when people are trying to do God's work and grow in their spiritual lives, the evil one will do all he can to prevent it from happening. There may be times on your trip that may be frustrating and testing, but it is very necessary to be patient and remember that, as gold is purified when it is put through the fire, the human person is also purified when he patiently endures trials!

Another important item is prayer. Communication with our Lord is essential for any serious Christian seeking to grow closer to Him and experience His love. By taking the time to pray for your trip and continue in prayer during your trip, both alone and with your group, your heart will soften to see Christ in each person that you serve.

Please note that the following information may change from trip to trip, but is given so that you may better understand the ministry you are about to begin. Oh, another item to bring . . . flexibility!

Real Break Team

Each Real Break team is made up of a group of college-aged young adults and a priest leader. At times, an experienced layperson may assist in coordinating the Real Break team. The activities and projects are organized as a group and not individually, because Real Break is about sharing Christ's love and having fun as part of the body of Christ (1 Corinthians 12).

Each day, you will gather with your teammates to "debrief" the day's events and come together in fellowship and communal prayer. The priest will lead the team in this sharing and will offer tools to assist you in your journey.

2012 Real Break Destinations

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Constantinople - Ecumenical Patriarchate

Guatemala - Hogar Rafael Ayau

Romania - Valea Plopului

Project Mexico - St Innocent Orphanage

Houston-IOCC & Habitat For Humanity

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Information concerning Real Break Mission Trips for 2013 will be posted when available.